6 June 2016


Rigoletto, opéra pour fanfare et 4 chanteurs (14 and July 15, 2016)

The Grooms brass band has taken on one of the most popular Italian operas. With their customary irreverence they bring these fabulous arias to life, making Rigoletto accessible to everyone, in a performance that is wildly inventive but suitable for all the family. The story involves lies, treachery, debauchery, betrayed love, and assassinations… It makes us laugh, cry and shake with fear. The music bounces off the house-fronts, the voices of the singers soar above the rooftops, and the sheer madness of the story captivates the audience. Strong emotions, magical performances – the Grooms have it all.

“These divine airs envelop the audience in a kind of silken charm. And the story of the court jester was a great hit.” TELERAMA (9/9/2015)

Information & Booking: pilar@unitedartscenter.com


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