Within this branch of the scenic performing art, presented in indoor venues and in front of an audience, we go for a different style, with a special attention in Circus and Humour.

The techniques, skills and staging of the Circus are in continuous development. With more tan 3000 years of history the magicians, type-rope walkers, acrobats, clowns, tamers, jugglers, contortionists, etc.  Keep spreading illusion around the world.  Circus is the purest expression of physical art.

Outdoor Arts
This generic concept brings together different artistic disciplines always made in the outdoor (Parks, Street, Squares…) and usually public spaces although also they could be done in restrictive spaces. Theatre, Dance, Performance, Circus, Actions, Urban Arts, Music…

Site Specific
Site Specific Art is based on Works and/or performances created and designed to be done in a specific site. The artist analyses the characteristics and determinant facts of the space and uses and incorporates them in his work.

Art of movement
We understand this artistic discipline concept as the research of the beauty, harmony and perfection through the body language and its movement in the space.


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